We are working towards being a Dementia Friendly parish, as part of the approach being taken by the Diocese of Wrexham.

Our Dementia Action Plan adopted in October 2019, set out a number of actions to make our church as welcoming, accessible and supportive of people with any needs (not just dementia) and those who care for them. Some have been put into place but others are waiting until we can get back into our Church buildings.

Being a Dementia Friend simply means learning more about dementia, putting yourself in the shoes of someone living with the condition, and turning your understanding into action.

Our Commitment to Fairtrade

We have been a Fairtrade Parish since 2014 and as such are part of a network of over 500 Parishes across England and Wales.

There are lots of ways to support Fairtrade, but there are just two core requirements to be awarded Fairtrade Place of Worship status:

  • Use Fairtrade products wherever possible (at least tea, coffee or sugar) and to share this information with the wider congregation. 

  • Integrate Fairtrade into the life of your place of worship, at Fairtrade Fortnight or other times of the year through other activities, sermons and services. 

The Fairtrade Mark is an independent consumer label created by CAFOD and other organisations. The Fairtrade Foundation licenses use of the Fairtrade Mark in UK.

Our monthly Coffee Morning in February promotes Fair Trade and raises funds for the Fairtrade Foundation.

For more information on the work of CAFOD follow the link

Thank you for your generous donations to CAFOD’s Family Fast Day during Lent. We featured Marian and her son Svondo in Zimbabwe in Lent 2018.

The community vegetable garden that your donations helped provide is growing well and during the pandemic the family has survived on the vegetables. This is one of many long-term development projects that CAFOD has funded with the money from that Fast Day. Thank you for your steadfast support.